SMG 50plus design

The SMG50 was designed out of love towards sailing and passion for speed. The design is created by Gerhard Schein whos goal was to be able to sail with his wife in a very pleasureful way. In this ultimate catamaran he realized a lot of modern and practical ideas that leave no wish open. The concept is the easiest to handle ocean cruising catamaran in the world. You can sail the SMG50 single-handedly!

  • Highest reliability because of the A-mast
  • Superb sailing capabilities achieved with ultra low draft performance hulls
  • Innovative deck layout with center cockpit (more than 270° viewing angle from the helm)


The A-frame mast is fitted on the deck and all the force on the rig goes into hulls. This eliminates the stress point in the beam. Furthermore there is no dangerous boom needed as the main sails is like the jib on an easy to use roller furler. The A-mast concept was already tested 1984 from the famous Peter Harken (senior head of Harken decks ware). He proofed similar positive results but the optical change was rejected by traditional sailors. The advantages of more stability, better sailing performance close to the wind and increased safety should count more than an optical change, don't you think? And it looks much better on a catamaran than on a monohull!

  • Easy sail reefing with roller furler - possible on any course!
  • Safety at all manoeuvres in all weather conditions. Nobody has to watch out for the dangerous boom. All the sailing operations can get done in the safe center cockpit. 
  • Best approaching flow for main sail and jib on close hauled course. 

Hybrid drive

The catamaran is powered by diesel electric engines (serial hybrid). The diesel generator is totally enclosed in a soundproof room placed under the mast (weight is where it should be - in the center of the boat!). Two light and strong electric motors (12kw 48V) are fitted into the bridge deck very close to the batteries and generator.

If you wish you can get the SMG 50 with diesel engines as well!

Advantages of the diesel electric propulsion:

  • Nearly soundless running of the engine gives a feeling like sailing with the wind even when you under motor (noise development 48 dB).
  • High efficiency of engines by higher torque gives more power against waves and wind.
  • No gear box, instead continuously adjustable and soundless transition from forward drive to reverse.
  • No vibration of the propulsion at all while driving with engines.
  • Combined usage of power. The power set is used for AC/DC service on board (watermaker, air condition, dish washer etc.) as well as for the propulsion.
  • Light electric motors (30kg / motor) fitted close to the generator and batteries (short cables) for high maneuverability. The weight of the generator (main motor) is placed in the centre of the boat.
  • The generator is always running in optimal rage of speed 2000 - 2500 apm (apx 7.5 knots) thereby long durability and fuel-saving till 40% compared to conventional diesel propulsion.
  • Future orientated. In some years the diesel generator can be exchanged with the environment-friendly fuel cell.