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from sailors, who came in contact with the SMG 50 catamaran


"We are very happy with the recent purchase of Number One. What appealed to us was the overall design concept, the choice of prime materials and the overall high quality craftsmanship. Having owned and sailed extensively different blue-water monohulls and multihulls, we were astonished and it's good upwind and downwind sailing performance in all wind conditions encountered to date (Force 2-6 Bf), even with the yet to be changed tired main sail and the somewhat fouled hull. Comfortable, stable, safe, roomy and easy to handle even single handedly, we felt at home on her right away."

Feedback from the new owner of "Number One" Sept. 2013 

“Never in my life I would have thought that a cruising cat can overtake me in a race close to the wind. Although exactly that happened today!”

Comment from Peter Czaijka, an Austrian offshore sailor and skipper of a Salona 36. His boat was chartered from the Yacht Revue for the race and he made the comment after a long tacking track in the Kornatski canal at the Kornati Cup race 2009. He achieved second ranking at the race in the spinaker class. May 2009

“At 19 knots speed (at apx 20-25knt of wind, beam reach course) we where not even close to the limit yet. The lee bow was a little bit pressed, but hardly spray and hardly heeling, no creaking, only speed pleasure. We had the sheets not yet in the hand, because it was so unspectacular. “

“Gerhard, once more respect for the great concept and the great boat! We gave everything - we sailed for you. This victory has the catamaran and you more earned, than the sailors who sailed it. Congratulation!”

Comment from Dr Klaus Fuchs, Crew of “Number One” after winning the Cornati Cup, mentioned in an E-Mail to Gerhard Schein. May 2009

“Either the wind instrument is not right or the log is tuned. No cruising catamaran can sail in 10knt of wind 7,5knt of speed with the standard sails and close to the wind!”

Statement of a prospective customer during a test sail in light wind conditions in the Adriatic Sea. June 2008

“The SMG 50 catamaran sails better and easier than every cat that I sailed before. Nevertheless I wont buy it because the boatyard is too small and therefore doesn’t offer enough surety. I don’t give my money to a small bank either, because its safer in a big one.”

Comment from the same prospective customer as above (who doesn’t want to be named) after the test sail. Four months later he lost lots of his money with the banks. June 2008

“The catamaran is sailing in such a close angle to the wind, that shouldn’t be possible - but the cat is doing it!”

Comment from Bruce Stirk, Yacht Brocker in Cape Town during a test sail in Langebaan / SA. June 2013

“If you sailed this catamaran once and you understand the concept, you cannot buy any other cat anymore.”

Comment from Ian Munro, after a test sail in the Atlanic Ocean at 20knt wind and big swell in Langebaan / SA. June 2013

“Wow, that’s really comfortable!”

Comment from Elsbeth Gloor, the wife of a Swiss potential client, after we made a jibe in a 30knt South Easter without touching a sheet.

February 2008

“With this catamaran you can sail with me to the end of the world.”

Comment from Gertrud Schein after the 1200nm maiden voyage from Varna / Bulgaria to Medolin / Croatia. Dezember 2005

“Our 24 hour log is remarkable 233 Nm (Nautical miles) 1 Nm =1.852 km. That means that do-re-mi made a distance on the first day of 431 km. This is no mean feat as wind and waves have been partly against our driving direction. Now and then we even had crossing waves. Top speed was 17 knots. The sails have been reefed at this stage already. Besides of being very tired the crew is in good health.”

Comment from DI Richard Malits, owner and skipper of SMG 50 “Do re mi” taken from the Do-re-mi Blog. November 2010

„The last night was quite hectic. We hoist our spinaker (Parasailor) last night the first time on this journey and we left it on the whole night. The wind was stronger than expected and so we had a performance and speed during the night with up to 22 knots down the waves – a new feeling of sailing. Actually incredible what is possible with the technic nowadays. The autopilot maneuvers do-re-mi with its 170m2 spinnaker in such condition competent through the wind and waves. The autopilot was on the whole time and the crew didn’t had to interfere a single time. As the weather forecast is good we’d like to leave the spinaker on till St. Helena.

No wonder that we sailed a great 24 hour log: 223.50 Nautical miles, our best so far.”

Comment from DI Richard Malits, owner and skipper of SMG50 “Do re mi” during the delivery trip from Cape Town to Gibraltar. November 2010

“We left Do-re-mi for hours to sail alone, meaning with locked steering wheel and no autopilot - with proper trimmed sails of course. Even through the Atlantic swell the SMG 50 as a long keel version moved with bravura.
She sails constantly close to the wind, as steered as by ghost hand against

wind and waves. And she didn’t came off even once the course during those hours. It is a very calming and good feeling, that his catamaran can do that!

Comment from DI Richard Malits, owner and skipper of SMG50 “Do re mi” during the delivery trip from Cape Town to Gibraltar. June 2011

“Finally a catamaran that sails!”

Comment from German world cruiser and author Burghard Pieske during a test sail in the Adriatic Sea. February 2008

“If only the half of the info you mention in your website is true, this cat would be already a sensation! I just don’t understand why the magazines are not writing about it?”

Comment from Ingo Meyerrose from Germany, mentioned in an E-mail to Gerhard Schein. October 2009

“How can we package the information without upsetting our big clients from the catamaran industry?”

This comment came from the chief editor of one of the most know sailing magazine in Germany, during an editorial meeting. Subject: Report about the SMG 50 catamaran.

After three meetings they decided NOT to write about it.

This information came from an editor of this sailing magazine who doesn’t want to be named. February 2008

“If the A-mast, the hull without daggerboard or a usual keel fin, and the hybrid propulsion work like I imagine, the sailing magazines will be standing in a queue to write about it”.

Comment from Gerhard Schein, the designer and developer of the SMG 50 catamaran before the launch of “Number One” in Varna / Bulgaria. November 2005

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