the modern multifunctional sports multihull needs minimum store space and provides maximum sailing fun

Big advantage of the NINJA is that you have the possibility to have 2 multihulls in 1.

First option is the NINJA SPIDER trimaran which is designed to be fast and easy to sail for 1 or 2 people. With the carbon mast disassembled in 2 pieces and stored in the main hull, the space is incredibly little for such a big boat.

The second option is to assemble the NINJA with only 1 outrigger and the optional set of beams and trampoline. The result is that you have a NINJA PRO tacking proa, which is trickier in the sail handling than the trimaran, and therefore offers more fun for sailing experts looking for a challenge. The NINJA PRO also offers due to her reduced weight big fun already in little wind conditions, which is hard to find.

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