Highest sailing pleasure

  • Very fast sailing performance combined with easy to use handling is pure pleasure an fun. Speed over 20 knots is easily possible. On good conditions (flat water and light wind) it is even possible to sail faster than the wind (depending on payload). Tacking angle including leeway is 90 degree! If this is hard to believe for you, you are welcome to try it out.
  • Best view during sailing from the safe and protected center of the boat.
  • Easiest to use sail service from the center cockpit which is just 3 steps apart  from the inside navigation table.
  • Free access to sheets and winches even when the seats are taken. Equipment for sail service is reachable from the cockpit and ergonomically designed. Winches can be operated electrically or manually.
  • Long lasting board service via battery set for the electric engines. Those batteries are getting charged via solar panels or via diesel generator.
  • Complete standard house hold equipment on board possible (dish washer, fridge, freezer, microwave, stove, washing machine etc.)

Convenient design

  • Smooth and soft movement even in choppy seas gives a relaxed sailing feeling. This is enabled with a high bridge deck clearance and a very well thought through hull design.
  • The ULDP hulls (ultra low draft performance) without dagger boards make it possible to anchor in very shallow bays. If the low tide comes the boat will just stands on the ground.  As soon as the high tides comes again the boat will start moving again.
  • Two big bow storages with extra large hatches makes it easy to store bulky goods like surfboards, bicycles etc.
  • The cockpit is equipped with a built-in table for up to 8 persons and is protected by a windshield. It can be compared to an outdoor salon in the size of 3x3 meters. Additionally there are 2 cockpit seats in course direction.
  • Complete cockpit area is flexible protected from the sun and rain and gives additionally privacy when docking with stern to pier.

Outstanding safety

  • Reefing with roller furler is a childs play. If wind picks up dramatically you don't even have to change the course. All you do is pushing the button on the electric winch to adjust the sails to the wind.
  • Crossing over ropes, nets or whales etc. is unproblematic as a skeg and pipe protects the rudders of getting damaged.
  • Each hull has two waterproof collision bulkheads in the bow section.
  • The ultra low draft hulls enable to reach hurricane hole zones (e.g. Mangroven). It is a good to have ability on round the word trips to be able to reach safer spots and hide there if needed. (hopefully you won't need it!)
  • Also in high wavy sea under storm conditions, the ultra low draft hulls will ensure high safety. As soon as a big waves wants to put pressure on the boat it will draw aside automatically as there is no grip for the stormy water.
  • Big lenght-width ratio in proportion to rather little sail surface gives a very high safety factor in general. This fact combined with the above mentioned extra safety factors allow the SMG 50plus to be named as the safest catamaran all over the world!